Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The story so far...

It was around February 08 when a friend asked me to travel with her through QLD. Initially I said no because of my job and uni, but after a month of so I started changing my mind. Melbourne was becoming stale for me and the mundane routine of work and uni was starting to take a toll.
I told her I would come. So most people would start making an itinerary or some kind of plan, but not us. We made plans not to make plans. We were gonna travel as we wanted, work when we needed and be as care free as possible. We were only going to Queensland after all.
As it turns out we secured jobs on Hayman island, even before I had left Melbourne. We almost didn't take the jobs as it was going against everything we wanted this holiday to be about. On the island you were told when to eat, what you could wear etc etc. And you were judged on everything you did outside of work. We did decide to take the jobs (best decision of my life) and were due to start on the Island May 15th.
The Start of May I flew up to QLD to meet up with Nuggets who was working in Surfers at the time (she left before me and traveled up the coast from Sydney to Queensland). The first week up we had a friend with us on holiday. We were staying at a back packers for a reasonable price. After she had left, Nugget's parents came up and we stayed with them in the apartment they own.
Honestly I didn't like surfers paradise. Would be a great location for an end of season footy trip with the boys (where all you want to do is drink and pick up). It's an over run tourist trap, where you can't walk 100 meters without someone asking 'What are you doing this weekend?' and trying to sell you tickets for a pub crawl. We learnt real quick to tell them you are working/from surfers. The beaches are beautiful, but are cast into shadow at around 3pm because of the high rise buildings. And don't even get me started on how violent the place is. The main thing i enjoyed was learning to surf there, but thinking about it, I could have done that anywhere.

After surfers we stayed in Brisbane for a couple of days (mainly because we had to fly from Brisbane airport). We did some sight seeing with Nugget's relatives and had a decent time there. Nothing really worth mentioning good or bad about this place. We caught the train to the airport May 15th, where nuggets stacked it coming down the ramp, splitting her dress and scuffing her knee and foot. Quite a funny sight seeing her frantically trying to sew her dress up before she got on the flight.

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