Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where to from here.....

So after taking a holiday in Melbourne for around 6 weeks it's time to move on again. I shall be based in QLD as of February 2nd. Initially in Brisbane for around 4 weeks, then to the Sunshine Coast. However, I already have a number of plans for just about every month for the next four months, so it looks like I'm going be flying around a fair bit.
End of February is back to Melbourne for the Soundwave festival.
March I'm off to Sydney to visit some family, and also get some fresh ink from my cousin's boyfriend.
April I'm back in Melbourne again for the Mother's birthday.
And May I'm off to New Zealand for a friends 21st.
After May who knows. I'll prob have to stay put for a bit and save some cash so I can start my trek over seas. Either that or get a job on a cruise ship...

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