Saturday, February 28, 2009

Making love to a juguar, running through the straylight and eliminating a bear

Thursday saw me leave Brisbane and head back to Melbourne. Initially the flights were booked to come down for the Soundwave festival, but after Sass and Nash decided to stay in Brisbane instead of moving to the Sunshine Coast, I thought it was a better idea to come back to Melbourne. So it's safe to say that I'm going to be missing my flight back to Brisbane today.

Thursday turned out to be quite a long and tiring day. I left on the journey back to Melbourne at 10.10 am, catching a bus to Roma St, then the train to Brisbane Airport. Once at the Airport I had almost two hours to wait before I flew out. So I did what any normal Australian would do. Head straight to the bar. The plane landed in Melbourne (Avalon) at 4.50pm. Which means I didn't get back to my place until around 7pm (after a detour a friends place).

I then was picked up at 8.30 to head to Next to see Jaguar Love, Sraylight Run and Minus the Bear as part for their sidewave show.

I didn't end up leaving Next till 3am which probably wasn't the smartest idea considering I was going to Soundwave festival the day after, but it had to be done.

And as a consequence I have pulled up quite ill. I shall get around to doing a post about Soundwave soon. It's hard to concentrate at the moment.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did you mean: ........

It's so handy being able to jump on google, type in a word that I'm
unsure of the correct spelling, and get a snobbish 'did you mean:' to
correct me (my phone doesn't have spell check). Oh and please feel free
not to point out the spelling mistakes below!
Sleep tonight is becoming too much of an effort so I thought why not put
my wondering mind to use and add a post to my blog.
Two nights ago I was sitting on the back deck where we are house
sitting, watching the sun set in between reading my book (Sleeping
Around: a couch surfing tour of the globe by Brian Thacker), and I can't
help but notice that we are surrounded by primary school musicians. On
any one night you can hear someone murder a violin from the lounge room,
a half decent attempt at a calrinet from the deck and just about
anywhere in the house the piercing sound of a recorder (even someone
playing a recorder perfectly still sounds like nails on a chalkboard to
me). But that god I have only heard the recorder once, or maybe it was
the violin and I was drunk.....
So I move back to Melbourne in 5 days! (26th) Where I will be until the
20th of May, which is when I fly over to NZ for a week. Now after that I
still can't decide what to do. One option is always coming back to QLD,
that's if they decide to move to the coast. I'm also highly considering
working on Mt Hotham for the snow season, then back it up and jet over
to Canada for the snow season / winter Olympics (yes I know it will be
hard to find accomadation blah blah blah shut up I've heard it all
before!). Or maybe I will just get a job on a cruise ship. All of these
situations really depend on me getting a job in the location of my
choosing. By the way please don't throw your two cents in about where I
might want to work, I'm not a complete moron, I have already done
research on all of these possibilities. Yes I know I'll need to get in
early and yes I'm quite aware to make sure accomodation is included.
I've heard it all before, and mostly from people who have never even
worked in these places.
I did have a little more to rant about, but I feel sleep coming on, I'm
not even going to proof read this thing, maybe tomorrow....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Soundwave itinerary! \m/ \m/

Back in Melbourne a week from today! (That's the 26th) Can't wait. Bit over Brisbane and being unemployed (yes I still have no job!). Hitting up Next the day I get back to see Straylight Run as part of their sidewave show before Soundwave.
So here's the Soundwave itinerary, first draft:
Madina Lake
First half of Goldfinger
Jack's Mannequin
Red Jumpsuit
Funeral for a Friend
Houston Calls
New Found Glory
In Flames
Saves the Day (most likely)

There are a number of other bands I would like to see (most of which are playing stage 6) and a number that I will have to see at least 1 or 2 of their songs, just to say that I say them live. This is however the first draft and may change slightly, but most of the bands are locked in.
Give me some feedback. What is your itinerary?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling a little useless

So getting a job is taking a little longer then I had planned. My
initial attept looked so promising. The third place I handed my resume
into offered me a trial on the spot for the upcoming friday. The trial
went quite well. The position was in the despense bar in an Italian
restaurant, which equals a lot of coffee making. Now I can make a
coffee, but I haven't had any practice in around 3 years. And even then
it was only ever your basic late or cappiccino 90% of the time.
Everything went realtively smooth, all things considering. There was a
slight hiccup when a late order was sent back becuase it was 'cold', but
apart from that I was happy with my performance. However at the end of
service when he told me I'd have to wait for three more people to do
their trials through the week before I would find out if I got the
position, I decided not to get my hopes too high.
My other applications seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I haven't heard
back from anyone as of yet, not even Pinnacle who I thought would be
staffing whores like Mint Pesronnel and swoop me up with the references
I have, but alas it is not to be. So at the moment, I am unemployed and
I have very little money, which means I'm sitting at home most days
feeling quite useless.
This is also making house hunting on the sunshine coast difficult. No
one will let you rent a house if you don't have a job or adequate
savings to pay rent. Which means I'm screwed in both areas. But what is
really going to be the difficult part (not counting trying to find a
place everyone is happy with) is finding a job in Brisbane, finding a
place on the Sunshine Coast, then trying to find a job there as well,
all while I'm still living in Brisbane.
We did fiund a beautiful four bedroom, three bathroom place at a
reasonable price, however the location is not favourable for everyone.
This means we probably won't even apply for it, which is a shame becuase
I would like to live there.
Plans for tomorrow entail doing my Queensland RSA online, applying for a
lot more jobs and looking into a personal trainer/gym instructor course
to finish off my qualifications. This is only to keep my options open
for a job down the line, it might even motivate me into getting back
into shape! Or maybe not...

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So I'm sitting in a shopping centre while my friends do some shopping,
writing this blog on my phone. I arrived in Brisbane yesterday at 1610.
I'm really excited to be here, because it means the start of new things
and new adventures. First on the list is to find a job while I'm
Brisbane. Honestly I'm looking for anything, as I'm only going to be in
Brisbane for a short while.
After I find a job here, then I need to start looking for a decent job
on the Sunshine Coast (not to mention a house), but I still have plenty
of time to worry about that.