Saturday, February 21, 2009

Did you mean: ........

It's so handy being able to jump on google, type in a word that I'm
unsure of the correct spelling, and get a snobbish 'did you mean:' to
correct me (my phone doesn't have spell check). Oh and please feel free
not to point out the spelling mistakes below!
Sleep tonight is becoming too much of an effort so I thought why not put
my wondering mind to use and add a post to my blog.
Two nights ago I was sitting on the back deck where we are house
sitting, watching the sun set in between reading my book (Sleeping
Around: a couch surfing tour of the globe by Brian Thacker), and I can't
help but notice that we are surrounded by primary school musicians. On
any one night you can hear someone murder a violin from the lounge room,
a half decent attempt at a calrinet from the deck and just about
anywhere in the house the piercing sound of a recorder (even someone
playing a recorder perfectly still sounds like nails on a chalkboard to
me). But that god I have only heard the recorder once, or maybe it was
the violin and I was drunk.....
So I move back to Melbourne in 5 days! (26th) Where I will be until the
20th of May, which is when I fly over to NZ for a week. Now after that I
still can't decide what to do. One option is always coming back to QLD,
that's if they decide to move to the coast. I'm also highly considering
working on Mt Hotham for the snow season, then back it up and jet over
to Canada for the snow season / winter Olympics (yes I know it will be
hard to find accomadation blah blah blah shut up I've heard it all
before!). Or maybe I will just get a job on a cruise ship. All of these
situations really depend on me getting a job in the location of my
choosing. By the way please don't throw your two cents in about where I
might want to work, I'm not a complete moron, I have already done
research on all of these possibilities. Yes I know I'll need to get in
early and yes I'm quite aware to make sure accomodation is included.
I've heard it all before, and mostly from people who have never even
worked in these places.
I did have a little more to rant about, but I feel sleep coming on, I'm
not even going to proof read this thing, maybe tomorrow....

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