Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feeling a little useless

So getting a job is taking a little longer then I had planned. My
initial attept looked so promising. The third place I handed my resume
into offered me a trial on the spot for the upcoming friday. The trial
went quite well. The position was in the despense bar in an Italian
restaurant, which equals a lot of coffee making. Now I can make a
coffee, but I haven't had any practice in around 3 years. And even then
it was only ever your basic late or cappiccino 90% of the time.
Everything went realtively smooth, all things considering. There was a
slight hiccup when a late order was sent back becuase it was 'cold', but
apart from that I was happy with my performance. However at the end of
service when he told me I'd have to wait for three more people to do
their trials through the week before I would find out if I got the
position, I decided not to get my hopes too high.
My other applications seem to have fallen on deaf ears. I haven't heard
back from anyone as of yet, not even Pinnacle who I thought would be
staffing whores like Mint Pesronnel and swoop me up with the references
I have, but alas it is not to be. So at the moment, I am unemployed and
I have very little money, which means I'm sitting at home most days
feeling quite useless.
This is also making house hunting on the sunshine coast difficult. No
one will let you rent a house if you don't have a job or adequate
savings to pay rent. Which means I'm screwed in both areas. But what is
really going to be the difficult part (not counting trying to find a
place everyone is happy with) is finding a job in Brisbane, finding a
place on the Sunshine Coast, then trying to find a job there as well,
all while I'm still living in Brisbane.
We did fiund a beautiful four bedroom, three bathroom place at a
reasonable price, however the location is not favourable for everyone.
This means we probably won't even apply for it, which is a shame becuase
I would like to live there.
Plans for tomorrow entail doing my Queensland RSA online, applying for a
lot more jobs and looking into a personal trainer/gym instructor course
to finish off my qualifications. This is only to keep my options open
for a job down the line, it might even motivate me into getting back
into shape! Or maybe not...

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