Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Future tattoos

I have a long list of tattoos I want to get, always have, always will. This list has been forever changing as I get older, my tastes change and I mature. Some of the images have a personal meaning or history behind it. Others are just aesthetically appealing, traditional tattoos. I've always loved researching tattoos and discovering the true meaning. I did a lot of research on the tradition, story and history of my koi fish before I got the piece done. The same is true with these images (well most of them anyway).

When I left Hayman Island, my best friend from the island gave me rosary beads he bought in Thailand as a token of his friendship. Hayman was a great piece of my life and I've decided I'm going to get the rosary tattooed on me (as if I was wearing it) to represent the friendships I made and the time I spent in that place. I wore that rosary all the time until the clip at the back was broken (which I have yet to get fixed), and this way I will always be wearing it.

I got the idea of the Melbourne skyline from an episode of Miami Ink (however the person was getting the Chicago skyline i believe). Initially I was going to get it on my left pectoral over my heart, however I think I might go bigger and turn it into a back piece. I'm still up in the air on this piece and I need to find the perfect place to get a photo of the skyline that includes everything in it. This tattoo wont be done for a few years to allow Melbourne City expand and change.

I want to get a bonsai tree on my left calf to represent my dad. He loves growing bonsai trees and has even made his own Japanese garden in the back yard, with quite a large waterfall (that he made himself) as the focal point. For sometime now I've wanted to get a tattoo representing my mother and father.

And for my mother I want to get a robin. Mainly because of her name. But I want the tattoo to look more like a traditional swallow (below) rather then the picture of the robin above. I'm not exactly sure where I am gong to put this tattoo just yet. I quite possibly will incorporate into my left sleeve.

My 'nautical' star is a little different compared to most nautical stars you see. Mainly because I want to get a 7 point star (like on the Australian flag) rather then a 5 point star. There are a number of stories behind the origin of the nautical star. One recalls the sailor's reliance on celestial navigation. However another story behind the nautical star is people getting them to ensure a safe return home from travels, which is why I want to get one. My plan is to get it on the top of my left shoulder just before i head overseas at the end of the year.

I've wanted to get a rose purely because its aesthetically pleasing. The flower is complex and intricate with many layers and looks so beautiful when it's done right. I want to get it on my left elbow. I'm not 100% sure if I'm going to go black/grey or full colour. It will depend on which artist i get to do it as well.

The Candy Skull and Hannya Mask are two traditional tattoos that I really like and have wanted for some time. I'm thinking of getting them on the top of my feet, but this is extremely undecided at the moment.

I don't know what it is about this tattoo, but as soon as I saw it I fell in love with it. I'd have to change it slightly (because no one wants a tattoo identical to someone else), but I defiantly want it. Same position as well, which leaves with the conundrum of do I wait (like I said I would when it came to tattoo below the elbow), change the location, or fuck it all and just get it on my wrist.


  1. Aside from the Phoenix I drew, the only other tattoo that I've wanted to get was a red rosary on my left arm, pretty muchly in the same spot that I have my armband on my right arm. I'm not catholic nor would I say I'm particularly "religious" but somehow a rosary reminds me of that strength of faith I seem to have in the belief that life is beautiful in spite of all the crap I've been through.

  2. i love researching tattoos, but i struggle researching artists. The being-a-student-and-saving-money-for-big-beautiful-pieces bit is hard work too! I've got three big pieces in mind, but i dont know which one to go for hahahh! Tattoos are hard work! x