Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Zealand is less then a month away

Initially (as you can tell by the description on my profile) I started this as a travel blog. But soon after I started the blog my traveling came to a sudden stop and I ended up back in Melbourne. Instead of keeping this an exclusive 'travel' blog I decided it would just be my 'life' blog and would not fall exclusively under one category or genre. However in less then a month I shall be taking off to NZ (even if it is only for a week) for my friends 21st. Which means I can get back to some travel writing!
I'm not yet all that excited about NZ, and the main reason is the almighty dollar, or the lack there of in my possession. Work is quiet and my new/old place of employment is still taking forever to get me back in. So what I am currently earning is just covering my bills. Which leaves nothing for the savings.
The less money I have, the less activities I can do while I'm there. Not only that but I booked the flights from Brisbane (as I presumed I would be living on the Sunshine Coast) so I sill need to book flights to Brisbane, and I also need to change to the later flight to NZ on that day, so I'm on the same flight as my friend going over, and to make it easier to get a flight arriving at Brisbane in time for my flight to NZ (without arriving 12hrs prior).
But again I can't do any of this until I have the spare money. With less then a month to go I really need to find some extra work to get the funds up. But it will all work out. It always does. Worst situation is that I wont get to do all the things on my list while I'm over there. But that will just mean I have to return when I have more funds. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing now is it?

In a side note I've been super slack with reading and commenting on blogs. I promise to get back on top of it. Eventually ;)

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