Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The list

Initially once I decided I was going to spend a year (or three) abroad I had no idea where to start. I haven't been out of the country and only had stories from friends, travel guides and blogs to go by. So I decided to compose a list of things I wanted to see. Now this isn't your basic
list of monumental landmarks, or photo opportunities etc. I decided to list all the global sporting events I wanted to witness. The list then naturally progressed to festivals (mostly of the music variety), and a few other random things I wouldn't mind seeing. I have also started flicking through '1,000 Places to see before you die' by Patricia Schultz and I'm sure I will find a wealth of other things to add to the list. But for now it stand as such:

The Isle of Man TT - I have a couple of review dvds from this great race
and I just have to experience it in the flesh.
MotoGP world circuit - my goal is to attend a grand prix on every track.
NBA - in particular Madison Square Garden
MLB - visiting Yankee Stadium is a must
Soccer World Cup
- if all goes well I will head over to South Africa
with my best mate (who is South African) for the world cup
Rugby World Cup - seeing as the next one is in New Zealand there is a
chance I will make it over there for the event.
The Ashes in England - nothing would be sweeter then witnessing the
Aussies crush the Poms on their home soil.
Cricket World Cup (one day and twenty20) - preferably when it is held
somewhere tropical!
IPL - seeing Shane Warne play again is a must on the list.

The Festivals:
Ruisrock - Turku, Finland
Austin City Limits - Texas, USA
Creamfields - England
Ibiza Rocks - Ibiza, Spain
T in the Park - Scotland
Roskilde - Copenhagen, Denmark
Isle of Wight - England
Endinburgh Fringe Fest - Scotland

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