Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reading and Writing

While I was in Brisbane I started reading. A LOT. Mainly due to the fact that I was unemployed for quiet awhile. I also started this blog (as recommended by Lonely Planet) to document my journey. All of my downtime in Brisbane rekindled my passion for reading and writing. Two things I loved to do in high school, but recently they have taken a back seat to just about everything. One problem I have right now is that I am back in Melbourne and have unlimited internet access. So my books have taken a back seat, but not always to Facebook and YouTube. I have become incredibly addicted to reading blogs. I have spent hours at a time, searching for fascinating people to read about. Personally this doesn't come as a surprise as most of the books I read are of the non-fiction type: biographies, auto-biographies, travel books etc. Stories and experiences of real people.

So I am still reading, even if i isn't always of the quality I would get from books (although sometimes it's better), but being back in Melbourne is hindering me from writing. I'm not traveling or doing anything new and exciting, so I have a lot less to write about. Racking my brain every day, trying to conjure up an idea worth writing about in my blog. Sometimes I come up with something half decent (like today) and others I draw a blank and slap in a photo just to keep the updates flowing. I guess it is just up to me to keep my life interesting, so I have something to write about, if nothing else.


  1. I love your blog already. I'm going to go read some more. Stop by Onward Bound, and let me know what you think.

    You are an inspiration, I can tell just from your "about me."

    Nick Jame