Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The new plan?

Against everything I stand for I have decided to pass up on going to Mt Hotham and working for the snow season.


Mainly because I need to save 4k to get into Canada on a working visa. And I know myself all to well and being in that environment will equal me heading back to Melbourne with no savings and a severely damaged liver. Not to mention I'm heading to NZ as well which will not help the cause. If I want to make it to Whistler for the snow season / Winter Olympics I'm going to need to start saving now, and avoid any temptations to spend my money.

Overall staying in Melbourne and working is the best idea for the next few months. The less dept and more savings I have when I head overseas the better.

But in saying this my plans change every week. And the only time I will ever pass up an opportunity is if there is something better on offer ie Whistler over Mt Hotham.