Friday, March 27, 2009


Fighting to keep my eyes open
The world rocks up and down, side to side
Darkness. Spot, spot, spot, spot,
Blinding light. Where are my sunglasses?
Red lights. Shouldn't we stop?
Suspended in air while cars flow beneath us like a river
Art everywhere, beautiful colours
Stop. Start. Stop.
Blue signs, so many blue signs
Advertising, Advertising, Advertising, ADVERTISING
Close my eyes for a second
Half the journey disappears
Green sock protects my white pod
Tunes of my life
'I'll wait for you, but I can't wait forever!'
Stop. Start. Stop.
Is Everest in India?
Transcending to a higher plane. Bridge maybe?
Repeating words until they lose all meaning
Zombie mode. 7 hours to catch up on
Did you mean... google?
Is it possible to program a person to think the feeling of hunger is actually anxiety?
Stop. Start. Stop.
3 mins until I climb 'Everest'
Home beckons.....

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